2018 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit (VR&AR Fair 2018)

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  1. 2018 Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit (VR&AR Fair 2018)

    Date: April 3rd-5th, 2018

    Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area A)

    Add: No. 382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China

    Web: http://www.vrarfair.com/engz/index.php?upcache=1

    Asia on Pace to Become the Largest VR&AR Market by 2020

    Digi-Capital forecasts that by 2020 global VR&AR market size will rocket to USD 150 billion, of which AR market will account for USD 90 billion. Asia will generate at less half of global VR&AR sales, especially China where consumer acceptance for VR&AR is generally higher.

    Review of VR&AR Fair 2017

    First held in 2017, VR&AR is a professional and efficient business platform to bridge worldwide buyers and suppliers, as well as to enhance communication between manufacturers and ordinary consumers.

    On a show floor of 20,000 sq.m, over 100 acclaimed exhibitors at home and abroad such as VRway, Hirain, Leke VR, Shenlinqijing, Foldspace, NineD, TPcast, Huan Tek, Xiechuang, EFERCRO, Movie Power, etc, showcased their latest offerings to visitors of over 30 countries and regions. While VR&AR entertainment equipment dominated the show, VR&AR based education were the second best represented sector.

    Preview of VR&AR Fair 2018

    The 2018 edition is estimated to host over 200 exhibitors and 30,000 person-time visitors on an show floor of 30,000 sq.m. Four special exhibition areas will be marked out respectively for VR&AR Based Education, VR&AR Based Home Decoration, VR&AR Smart Wearable Devices, and VR&AR Entertainment Equipment in order to achieve a more systematic and comprehensive display of VR&AR products.

    Exhibition Scope:

    VR/AR Hardware Equipment: output/input equipment, data equipment, tracking equipment/system, location system and other tracking device, etc;

    VR/AR System Equipment: immersive VR system, desktop VR system, AR system, distri-buted VR system, etc. Visual sensor, auditory sensor, etc;

    VR/AR Technology: 3D output technology, environment modeling technology, 3D sound si-mulation technology, human-machine interaction technology,etc;

    VR/AR Production Equipment and Accessories: VR system, super computer, screen, mi-cro projector, video processing chip, sensor, optical glass, etc;

    VR/AR Game: VR park, VR experience, VR travel, VR/AR drive, VR shooting game, VR modeling game, etc;

    VR/AR Software: modeling software, development software, web3D technology, cult3D technology, VR modeling language, panoramic technique, etc;

    VR/AR Application Solution: vehicle production, equipment production, aircraft and space ship, national defense and military industry, medical treatment,etc;

    VR/AR Content Creation Demonstration

    If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to register as our exhibitor to secure your space or as our visitor for a free digital ticket!

    Contact us:

    Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

    Contact person: Ms. Aileen Chen

    Telephone: 86-20-29806525

    Fax: 86-20-82579220E-mail: grand.fi@grahw.com

    Wechant: 15089702986

    Mobile/What’s App: +86 15089702986

    Facebook: fair.vrar

    Twitter: AsiaVRAR

    Web: http://www.vrarfair.com/engz/index.php?upcache=1

    China’s VR Movie Market Developing Fast and Furious

    At the 74th Venice International Film Festival held this September, worldwide movies in variety were exhibited to its audience, however, the newly set VR movie reward category caught the most attention. Among the shortlisted works, four Chinese VR movies hogged the spotlight, announcing the rise of China’s VR movie market.

    Chinese VR UsersAre Eager For VR Movies

    As VR movies come into the foreground of futureVR-based entertainment, Chinese VR users’great passion for VR movies begins to show.

    This August, Wang Congqing, the China Regional General Manager of HTV Vive, released a series of detail statistics aboutChinese VR users, which suggested that following closely off-line VR experience store, theatre has become the second hot choice for people to seek VR-based entertainment. At present, 56.9% Chinese users have bought VR devices to watch VR videos, and 74.9% of them are very looking forward to seeing a whole VR movie on VR content distribution platforms.

    And VR movies have not only appealed to Chines users, but also to the globe. Goldman Sachshave predictedearlier in 2016 that worldwide VR video viewerswill top 50 million in 5 years, and 170million in 10 years. Though, due to the technology bottleneck exiting, VR videos available now are generally less then 20min, when it comes to 2025, audiences will be able to enjoy videos of no less than 120min, as predicted.

    Mass Capitals Flowing Into VR Movie Production & VR Cinema

    The world VR movie market is developing fast than ever, attracting floods of investment from industry key players, and China is also loath to lag behind.

    It is reported that many magnate film companies like Enlight Media, Huace Film, Alpha Animation and Culture, New Culture etc, have announced to invest in VR companies, while, Black Ant, one of China’s foremost VR content developers who has managed to raise tens of millions of RMB in A-round financing this March, stated that they will continue their efforts on further VR movie development.

    At the same time, major theatre chain operators like Wanda Group, Stellar Megaunion Corporation and Continent are also planing on openingup off-line VR theatre centers, which could be the embryo of future VR theatre chains.

    To sum up, considering people’s rapidly growing interest, and active capital flows, China’s VR market has already exhibited its own vigour, beckoning to globalVR companies who want to have a share and maximize their benefit in the future.So, when could be the better time to venture into Chinese market than now?

    If you want equipped yourself with more Chinese industry resources, please come and visit The 9th Asia Theater & Filming Equipment Fair 2018 (Asia Theater&Film 2018) and 2018 Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit (VR & AR Fair 2018)happening the same venue and the same time! It’s the best place for you to start your VR movie business in China!

    The 9th Asia Theater&Filming Equipment Fair 2018(Asia Theater&Film 2018)

    Date: April3-5, 2018

    Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area A)

    Website: http://www.gtcff.com/article/show_article.php?id=218

    2018 Asia VR & AR Fair & Summit(VR & AR Fair 2018)

    Date: April3-5, 2018

    Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex (Area A)


    Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

    Contact: Ms.Aileen Chen

    Tel: +86 20 29806525

    Fax: +86 20 8257 9220

    E-mail: gtcffchina@yeah.ne

    Whatsapp: +86 15089702986

    The invitation of The 2018 Asia VR&AR Fair&Summit


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