Hubraum 5G Meetup #2 - Entertainment & Gaming

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  1. Hello!

    We are hubraum, the Deutsche Telekom incubator dedicated to support early stage technology startups.

    Our last #1 hubraum 5G Meetup was held on 28 March and gathered some 140 guests who claimed it was a very engaging, informative and well-prepared event, and a great opportunity to establish new contacts.

    This time, we are organizing a brand new event hubraum 5G Meetup #2 - Entertainment & Gaming. Our agenda is designed for startups from the gaming and entertainment area. For more details, click the link below or find us on Eventbrite.

    We are delighted to invite you to our second meetup, which will be held on 26 April, at hubraum Berlin in Germany (Winterfeldtstrasse 21)
    Our events are completely free, but please book your tickets in advance, as the number of seats is limited!

    Feel free to contact with us and share this information via social media channels.


    Grab your free of charge but limited tickets here:
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