[VR-Arcade] Neurogaming - Polygon Simulator

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  1. Das sieht doch mal gut aus. [​IMG]
    Die derzeit entstehende Polygon Simulator Experience von Neurogaming.

    Auf UploadVR findet Ihr einen umfangreichen Artikel. (y)
    Neurogaming’s 2nd Generation Arcade Is Military Grade

    I was recently invited to New York to check out the demo VR space for Neurogaming. The company behind World of Tanks (Wargaming) formed Neurogaming to work on VR arcades in partnership with a venture funding group called VRTech. From a hardware perspective, their first “CinemaVR” system is not too dissimilar from IMAX VR’s locations. You can stand in place and move around a few feet but you’re still tethered to a computer and not able to walk too far. Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the competitive games they’ve built for it. Weiterlesen →
  2. Interessantes Interview von VRFocus mit Alex Morozov @Neurogaming.

    Neurogaming Targets Out-of-Home Entertaiment With Two VR Platforms
    Imagine The Hunger Games but in VR with real-time interactions with players.
    Neurogaming showcased two products to the press last month, both of which aim to revolutionise out-of-home entertainment services. Their first product is a platform called Cinema VR, a cloud-based solution for virtual reality (VR) arcades. The second product is called Polygon VR. An arena space where five full body players are able to interact with one another in a free roaming space, which can be recorded and broadcast to television, tablets or phones. VRFocus spoke with Alex Morozov, Chief Marketing Officer of Neurogaming about their future ventures. Weiterlesen →

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