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DecaMove (Hip Locomotion) von DecaGear

Dieses Thema im Forum "VR Eingabegeräte" wurde erstellt von SolKutTeR, 23. Januar 2021.

  1. Erster Test zum DecaMove (Hip Locomotion) Prototyp von DecaGear, welche unter anderem auch am gleichnamigen HMD werkeln.

  2. Kleine Aufarbeitung der derzeitigen Entwicklung und Fertigstellung der Standalone Version.

  3. Hallo, weiß man schon wann und wo man die Bestellen kann? Würde sehr gerne mal einen in die Finger bekommen, für den Preis kann man ja nicht viel falsch machen :D
  4. Habe heute diese Mail bekommen:

    Oh hi

    I bet you’ve been waiting to hear from us! Well, we finally have some news!

    I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the DecaGear, but this update directly affects the DecaMove and it’s about the launch of our DecaMove Standalone Edition, kickstarter style!

    The short version:

    A 1st batch of 5000 DecaMoves will be available for purchase at a discounted price of $59 next week and we wanted to give you a heads up so that you can quickly get one.

    DecaMove will change the way you move in VR and as an early supporter you can order it now and play with your current headset. Your order will be FULLY deducted from your DecaGear headset.

    If you are interested, click here [Link entfernt, da an Deca Account gekoppelt] to login to your Deca account and make your purchase from 19th April 2021 (13.00 Indochina Time) onwards

    Continue to read if you want to know…

    “Why the Kickstarter ‘style’ and not in Kickstarter?”

    While Kickstarter gives hardware startups hope, we don’t think it's the best fit for our company mainly because in our case every reward tier is a production batch. If the tier quantity is met, we can order the parts and start production for these backers' orders, regardless of other reward tiers that may meet their goals or not.

    Kickstarter is also expensive, it's hard to sell at a fair price when you need to pay 15% or more in total fees (10% platform fees + 5% for 3rd party post campaign services like BackerKit)

    So next week we will launch a campaign for DecaMove on Deca.net where every order tier has an estimated delivery date and a limited quantity based on our suppliers limitations.

    So the first order tier is for 5000 units to be delivered to buyers in June, the next tier will be delivered in July and so on. This approach will help us to understand how many units we need to produce and how many components we need to order.

    While companies like Apple just order tons of components far in advance and actively produce based on the demand, companies with tight resources like us, produce batch after batch while trying to estimate future demand. This almost never works, Valve is a good example, their Index headset is out of stock most of the time from day one.

    “Grab the DecaMove now or just wait for my DecaGear?”

    Well, we are working hard to make the DecaGear a really cool and innovative headset and we are pretty sure you are going to love it. But the DecaMove is ready... it's here… it can work with almost any headset and solves a critical problem in VR. As an early supporter you can get it now for a discounted price of $59 and have the full cost deducted from your DG1 pre-order. Your DG1 kit will just come without the DecaMove making it cheaper when it comes time to purchase it.

    So to clarify:

    • You’ve paid $10 in your preorder
    • You buy a DecaMove now for $59
    • and you get the rest of your DecaGear 1 kit for a remaining $380
    And.. of course you help us again to move closer to getting the DecaGear out!

    Get it?

    The truth is…

    We are a small company competing with huge players, a pandemic, merciless lead times and a worldwide component shortage.. This means that in order to stand out above the rest and move forward into successful productivity; we need all the support we can get from people who appreciate VR, like you.

    “Ok! I’m in and I want my DecaMove now! How do I buy it?”

    Simply, click here, login to your Deca account and make your purchase from 19th April 2021 onwards.

    Don’t forget to enter your shipping address!

    And.. don’t forget to share with your fellow Decafans to make sure they get their purchase in for the first 5000.

    “What if I’m too late?”

    Don’t worry! As mentioned above there will be multiple tiers of production that you can buy your DecaMove from. It will only mean you have to wait a little longer for yours, depending on which tier you purchase from.

    If you haven’t already noticed, we like to do things a little differently.
    Be a part of the VR revolution!

    Thanks for your support,
  5. Ich hab DECA mehrere Male angeschrieben. Leider nie eine Rückantwort. Na mal schauen. Kaufen würde ich sofort. Aber die besagten 10$ Anzahlung hab ich natürlich aus Unwissenheit nicht geleistet ^^
  6. So wie ich das verstehe, ist der erste batch wohl nur für die Vorbesteller (backer) der DecaOne und der offizielle Verkauf startet später.
  7. Soll der reguläre PreOrder nicht in ~9 Stunden starten?

  8. habs mal bestellt :D bin gespannt. bin noch in der 1. Charge :D ca 63 Euro....
  9. Die Presie sind durch die verschiedenen Batches gleich, soweit ich sehen kann - bislang sind 688 von 50.000 vergriffen, also noch alles sehr entspannt. ;)
    sparky gefällt das.
  10. Die Beta für Android Handys und Vive Tracker ist gestartet. (y)
    dstar gefällt das.