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Vuzix iWear

Dieses Thema im Forum "Weitere VR Brillen" wurde erstellt von Gast, 18. Juli 2015.

  1. So, und das ging jetzt an AVEGANT:

    i'm very interested in your GLYPH, because, i'm a big movie-fan and looking for a video-headset like yours.
    here my questions:
    - what are the advantages of the Avengant Glyph (less FOV) against the iWear 720 ?
    - what is the advantage to view a movie with Avengant Glyph and not with the Playstation VR?
    - Do you think the picture-quality of a bluray will be better, than my 65“ Full-HD Plasma (Panasonic 65VTW60) in a distance of 10 feet?
    I'm in a lot of forums, to read about VR/HMD. But i didn't find satisfying answers to my preferred field of use (watching movies).
    I've tried the Samsung Gear VR with my S6 and i didn't like watching movies. Not because of the screen-size... that was great...no, because of the screendoor-effect and the blurry edges... i hope you understand.
    How does the glyph behave regarding to this points (SDE and blurry edges)?
    Thank you very much!!!!

    Irgendwie muss man ja mal eine Vergleichbarkeit bekommen......
  2. Wie Ihr wisst hab Ich mir ja bereits die Iwear vor rund 1 1/2 Wochen nach der Preorder Eröffnung gleich geholt! Ich konnte nicht mehr warten so eine Technologie zu testen...
    Hat sich sonst noch wer dazu entschlossen die Iwear zu kaufen?
  3. Aufgrund des deutlich höheren FOV (57) der iWear gegenüber der Glyph (45) und dem daraus weitaus höher resultierenden Kinogenuß werde ich mir die iWear auch ordern.

    Update: ich warte auf die Wireless Version, die 2016 kommen soll
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  4. Im Avegant-Forum schreiben die Mitarbeiter, dass die Glyph lediglich SBS für 3D unterstützt..... und KEIN BluRay-3D !!!
    Man kann also nicht mal eben die Glyph an den 3D-bluray-Player anschließen und eine gekaufte original 3D-bluray genießen!!!

    Das ist hoffentlich bei der Vuzix iWear nicht so!?!?!
  5. Das wäre ja (neben dem niedrigeren FOV der Glyph) zusätzlich ein klarer Nachteil der Glyph gegenüber der iWear!

    Die iWear kann an alle Geräte angeschlossen werden die einen HDMI Anschluss haben. Und laut Vuzix auch an BluRay 3D Playern.

    Hier Info von der Vuzix Seite:

    "The winner of multiple Consumer Electronic Show awards, the iWear is a high-end pair of video headphones, providing users with a mobile wearable video display and gaming solution featuring dual high-definition displays. The iWear has a field of view equivalent to a 130” home theatre screen viewed from 10 feet away. Plus it supports HDMI inputs, so users can hook up to their existing 3D Blu-ray player, tablet, console system, PC, and even mobile phones. The iWear is the most advanced mobile entertainment display to enter the consumer market to date. Combined with its fantastic audio, it is capable of displaying incredible 2D and 3D video and advanced interactive Virtual Reality and 3D titles."


    @Olli: zur Sicherheit könntest ja sonst nochmal an Vuzix schreiben aber laut obiger Info dürfte das klar sein, das man mit der iWear 3D BluRay Filme sofort gucken kann.
  6. in der Hoffnung, dass er wieder so schnell antwortet :)

    "Hello David,

    just another question:
    - Is there a limitation, when i put the iWear directly to my 3D-BluRay-Player and watch a Original-3D-BluRay?

    I am asking this because the Avegant Glyph will not support 3D-BluRays; just the SBS-format. They say, there are some problems with the resolution. The Glyph can’t operate withe the 3D-1080p-content!

    „We even explored the "right" settings for disparity that are necessary for 3D given the glyph optics. This is represented through our filing of multiple patents on methods to make viewing 3D more comfortable for the 15% of the population that has a subpar experience in traditional realD theaters. We ultimately chose to support SBS at a production level for three reasons. The first reason is that it is the most popular format supported by other applications on a mobile phone. This includes netflix, youtube, facebook, etc. The second reason is that the Blu-ray format, in particular, do not support 720p. The discs support 480 and 1080. This created a situation in which every blu-ray player we tested 3D with worked poorly and after a long period spent fidgeting with controls, the best we result was a 480 3D stream. The only device that we were able to get well supported 720p on was a playstation 3, and that was only for 3D games (not movies). We realized that if we shipped and had to support frame sequential, it would frustrate our customers. I hope everyone understands that
    Very few Blu-ray discs have a 3D video in 720p. They typically have the 2D version of the movie in 720p (and many other formats) and the 3D version in 1080 and 480. We were unable to find a blu-ray player that would internally scale down the 1080p video format to 720p and then output it in 3D. Whenever we plugged in the blu-ray, the player and the glyph would go through the EDID handshake and only allow for the 2D movie option.“

    Do you have the same probs?

    It would be a great advantage, if the iWear realy supports ALL 3D-standards (stereosc.; SBS; OU)…. Just with „plug&play“!

    Thanks for your answer!

  7. ...
    5 awesome wearables every gamer will want to play with

    In diesem Artikel von Trust Reviews dreht sich alles um Wearables, mit dem ein Gamer spielen möchte/würde. Interessanterweise ist unter den Top 5 auch die iWear vertreten.
    Hier ein Auszug:

    Vuzix iWear 720

    If every gamer could have a 70-plus-inch television in their lives, things would be amazing. But that’s obviously not the case in reality, as clearly, you’d need a very big pad and an even larger wallet.

    Well, dear gamer, this is when the Vuzix iWear 720 comes in handy. It’s accurately being described as a pair of “video headphones”, packing dual 1280 x 720 displays that provide the equivalent experience of a 130-inch home television. In addition, it comes with noise-isolating 40mm drivers, so you get an all-round quality experience.

    You can connect it up to a smartphone, a tablet PC, a games console or a PC via HDMI to access existing VR games, apps and movies. It’ll last up to 30 hours, and when it runs out, you can recharge it with a micro-USB cable. You can preorder the iWear 720 for £405, with it expected to ship by the end of 2015.

  8. Stöhn. Man sollte doch denken, dass die bei Trusted Reviews den Unterschied zwischen Videobrille und VR HMD kapiert hätten, ham se aber nüscht. Ich kann damit in etwa so gut in "exiting VR games etc." eintauchen wie mit einem Zeiss Cinemizer (auch das neue Headtracking der iWear versetzt mich halt nur in ein anderes Zimmer mit einem größeren Monitor, mehr nicht). Doller Journalismus, einfach die Pressemitteilung abgetippt... und ich fange so an, mich von den Marketingleuten von Vuzix aufregen zu lassen, obwohl das Produkt für seinen eigentlichen Einsatzzweck (nicht VR) vermutlich sogar richtig gut ist...

  9. natürlich ist es auch ein VR HMD. wie kommst Du nur auf diese Aussage ??

    noch mal das Beste Video. Beantwortet ja auch einer der hier gestellten Fragen zur Bildverzerrung im Randbereich, die es nicht gibt.

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  10. Hier die Antwort von Vuzix :)

    "Hi Oliver
    In response to your latest question on the iWear, having checked with my colleagues in the US the response was as follows
    We support all standard 3D modes which includes HDMI 1.4a every single mode required by that spec. We also support side by side.
    The bottom line…. It just works !!
    David Lock
    Director of Operations EMEA Region
    Vuzix Corporation
    Farview House
    10 Norreys Road
    OX2 9PT
    United Kingdom

    und hier die Antwort von Avegant:

    "Hi Oliver,
    Thanks for reaching out. Here are some answers to your questions:
    • There are a few differences between the Glyph and the iWear 720 but the most notable one is going to be the technology / image quality. We use a Retinal Imaging Technology that actually bounces light off of millions of micromirrors and projects it directly into user's eyes, creating a super sharp and comfortable image.
    • Same answer as the iWear 720 - our display technology.
    • The Glyph is not necessarily meant to completely replace your at home theatre, but instead give you the chance to take it with you while on-the-go. While the Glyph provides and incredible theatre experience with extraordinary image clarity, it will be more of a personal preference as to whether this experience will be better than watching your 65" Plasma screen at home.
    If you are looking for a device exclusively for watching movies, the Glyph is definitely going to be your best option, due entirely to the image quality. There is no screen door effect and no eye fatigue or nausea that occurs with many other HMDs. I hope this all helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    ....will letztlich heißen, dass Avegant glaubt/verspricht, die wesentlich bessere Bildtechnologie zu nutzen!
    Die iWear arbeitet mit LCD....
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